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Competitions - General info

Dressage Southland currently runs a comprehensive competition program at the lovely Gore showgrounds.

The main part of our season comprises of tournaments in late October, mid December, mid January, mid March and April.

You will find all the relative information on these tournament on the side bar of the Competitions page.

Arena Surface Etiquette


  1. What are the rules for the Arena Surface

    Please note the following rules for the all weather surface:

    Approved safety helmets must be worn at all times whilst riding

    Instructors will be asked not to teach/warm up riders on the surfaces at tournaments.

    Pick up all manure from the arena and surrounding areas - place in bins provided

    No animals are to be tethered to the arena fence

    Any damage must be reported in the first instance to the competition office or caretaker

    Be considerate to other users at all times

    Only two horses per arena to be warming up on surfaces at any one time.

    Car speed to be regulated when going past and on surfaces,

    Judges to use discretion when driving to arena to judge and

    when leaving arena.

    Ride at your own risk


Competition Dates for the coming 2018/19 season

Check out the calendar

Training Day - Non-graded 2nd September 2018


There will be an arena available on Saturday with our adopted Southland List 3 Judge Suzanne Inglis where you can run through a test and receive feedback and ask any questions about dressage - $10 to book your space – also please state which test you would like to run through - SATURDAY IS NOW FULL!


Two tests per level available.  

Choose your own tests and state on entry form.

Entry Fee - $10 per class – Rosettes to 4th in each class Ground Fee: $10 per horse/pony Stabling Fee: Old Stables $25 or Covered Yards $30 duration of tournament Yard Fee: $10 per duration of tournament

Entries close 24th August 2018