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Dressage Southland Committee Members 2021/2022

We have email accounts for Dressage Southland. 

General correspondence is to go to: dressagesouthland2020@gmail.com

Competition entries and queries are to go to: dscompetitionsecretary@gmail.com

Office bearers and position holders for the 2021/2022 season are as follows:

President: Tania Fairbairn 

Vice President: Theresa Kingipotiki

Secretary: Lucy McKelvie

Treasurer: Di Elliotte

Competition Secretary: Corinne Ward

Area Delegate: Rebecca McKee

Southland rider’s representative: Rebecca McKee 

Stable and Parking coordinator: Tyler McKee

Judge’s coordinator: Sharon Muirhead

Sponsorship officer: Theresa Kingipotiki, Lucy McKelvie

Area Judge’s Officer: Kristin Cottam

Health and Safety officer: Mary Davis

First Aid officer: Tania Fairbairn

Arena coordinator: Marlene Parkinson, Allie Harper

Patron/Patroness: Norma Parks

Writer’s coordinator: Stacey Green and Theresa Kingipotiki

Dressage Southland representatives on SEPT committee: Marlene Parkinson and Allie Harper