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We have new email accounts for Dressage Southland. 

General correspondence is to go to: southlanddressage@gmail.com

Financial correspondence is to go to: treasurerdressagesouthland@gmail.com

Competition entries and queries are to go to: dscompetitionsecretary@gmail.com

New Judges!!!

Are you interested in becoming a Dressage Judge and being more involved in the sport you love?

Dressage Southland are constantly seeking interested people to begin the process which can assist with training and riding skills, and become

part of an knowledgeable and enthusiastic group.   All help and support will be given to you, as you progress through the varies steps.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Noelene Keen, Dressage Southland Area Judges Officer, email; noeleneandlynn@gmail.com  and make the first step today

Official Photographer - Kristel Mack Saunders

Kristel Mack Saunders will be the official photographer for Dressage Southland for the upcoming 2020-2021 season.  Thanks so much Kristel.

Saddlery Warehouse Series

Click here for link to Equestrian Entries Website for more information on the Saddlery Warehouse Series

Regulations for Helmets

Helmets: From 31 July 2017 The helmet standard EN 1384 will no longer be legal to compete in. The new standard is VG1 so if you plan on buying a new helmet please check the safety standard so you don’t get caught out. This affects all brands including KEP. 

Also with the helmets, if the helmet has another standard as well as the EN1384 it is still fine to use.
ESNZ have also just banned the use of top hats.

Rules Update


Recently there have been a number of queries raised with the Dressage Sports Manager and Rules Officer regarding the use of Tracking Video Cameras (e.g. Soloshot cameras) during competition.

Following a review of the relevant rules it has been determined that these types of cameras, which require the rider to wear a transmitter that communicates back to the video camera, are not permitted inside the competition arena. If the rider (or horse) wears the transmitter inside the competition arena, elimination will result. The same position applies to newly released Smart Watches which have communication capability.

The Tracking Video Camera and Smart Watches can be used in training and during the competitor’s warm up.

The following is a summary of why Tracking Video Cameras and Smart Watches cannot be used in the competition arena at any competition run under Dressage NZ and FEI Rules.

1. The Dressage NZ Rules are silent as to the use of Tracking Video Cameras and Smart Watches.

2. In cases where our Dressage NZ Rules are silent, Dressage NZ looks to the FEI Rules. In the event the FEI Rules cover the issue of concern, that rule will apply.

3. Under article 427 (5) "Earphones and/or other electronic communication devices are strictly prohibited at FEI Dressage Competitions whilst competing, and such usage is penalised by elimination. Earphones or similar devices are however permitted during training and warm-up".

We take this opportunity to remind all interested stakeholders, i.e. competitors, judges, officials and volunteers there will be a Dressage NZ planning forum in April 2015. If you would like to provide feedback or comment on this ruling or any of our present Rules and Regulations, please contact your local Area Delegate, Sports Manager or the Rules Officer.

Contact details can be found at http://www.nzequestrian.org.nz/dressage/about/contact-dressage/

Abbreviation Sheet for Dressage Writers

Here is a link to an Abbreviation Sheet for Dressage Writers to help you while writing and maybe get to see more of the riding. Please copy/ print of for your reference.

Abbreviation Sheet

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