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Update on Competition fees

To all Registered Competitors of Dressage Southland

At our recent AGM we discussed the increase of ongoing costs of running our Dressage Tournaments and how it is becoming more of a struggle for our Tournaments to break even and be sustainable with today’s costs and expectations.
These increasing costs are mainly due to having to fly more judges down to ensure we have the required Judges as per Dressage NZ requirements (unfortunately for us flying North to South is particularly expensive!!) and now paying our judges a fee per day (we were one of the very few Groups who weren’t paying judges).
After much discussion we came to the decision of making a Judges Fee of $20 per rider for each tournament.
This decision was not made lightly and many options were talked over before coming to this.
The Dressage Southland Committee feel that this decision will help to ensure that we meet all the expectations and requirements placed upon us.
We will also endeavour to seek other ways of fundraising to ensure that we can keep entry costs as low as we possibly can!!!

Many thanks
Dressage Southland Committee

New Judges!!!

Are you interested in becoming a Dressage Judge and being more involved in the sport you love?
Dressage Southland are constantly seeking interested people to begin the process which can assist with training and riding skills, and become
part of an knowledgeable and enthusiastic group.   All help and support will be given to you, as you progress through the varies steps.
If you would like to find out more, please contact Nolene Keen, Dressage Southland Area Judges Officer, email; keenfortune@clear.net.nz  and make the first step today

Official Photographer - Krystal Mack Saunders

Krystal Mack Saunders will be the official photographer for Dressage Southland for the upcoming 2018/19 season.  Thanks so much Krystal.

New Bits added to Approved List for Dressage NZ

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Membership Updates from Conference 2017 - these changes are effective 1 July 2017

Congrats to Bella Aynsley!!!!

On being awarded the South Island Judges Scholarship.  Well done Bella!!!

ESNZ Update May 2017

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Dressage NZ Feedback Invited


I am attaching the link to the News section of the website inviting members to feed back regarding the current ESNZ Membership review (also attached as a pdf file) 

Please share on your own websites and FB pages and feedback any comments or ask questions directly to dana@nzequestrian.org.nz

Your feedback is important to ESNZ and to the viability of ESNZ



Kind regards


Wendy Hamerton

Dressage Sport Manager 

Saddlery Warehouse Series

New Regulations for Helmets

Helmets: From 31 July 2017 The helmet standard EN 1384 will no longer be legal to compete in. The new standard is VG1 so if you plan on buying a new helmet please check the safety standard so you don’t get caught out. This affects all brands including KEP. 

Also with the helmets, if the helmet has another standard as well as the EN1384 it is still fine to use.
ESNZ have also just banned the use of top hats.

Judges News

Some news and information from Dressage NZ

Dressage NZ would  like to thank you and your group members for all you have done for the sport during the 2015 year  - the contribution you all make at area is so important to the vitality and future of Dressage. 


Bates Champs News:

Just a reminder that entries for the Bates should be posted by this Friday please 18 December. And payments made by cheque will not be presented until Friday 8th January - lots of entries all closing around the same time so a tiny bit of Christmas Cheer !

Please check the newly uploaded schedule re the Amateur Championships - the text in the eligibility section was correct, but had not been updated in the table of classes. We hope to see as many Amateur riders as possible supporting this new initiative. We have some fabulous new sponsors for these Championships.

Re ESNZ entry forms. We are aware that some riders are experiencing difficulty printing these off via the ESNZ website. A non current form plus old stickers will be accepted so we have the information but your membership and horse rego will need to be current. If you don't have these either please ensure you supply the following info

 Rider ID – Rider Name – Rider expiry

Horse ID – Horse Name – Horse expiry

Ensure phone and email are filled out on the stabling form.



Bates Raffle – SI Rider Travel Fund

Please make sure all butts and monies are returned to the Sport Manager by Fri 29th January  and then we can advise SI riders what their subsidy will be for the 2016 event


Grand Prix Special Rose

An order for a Grand Prix Special Rose makes a lovely gift . Help us maximise the profits for this fundraiser – it will assist with our budgeting next year and hopefully assist keep our fees and costs to riders at the lowest level possible. We all notice that costs are increasing – it is the same for Dressage NZ and so we need to always to be looking for ways to cope with those increases and make our sport as accessible as possible without compromising what we can offer our members


April Planning Meeting 5/6 April 2016 – West Plaza Hotel Wellington

Please be thinking about Nominations for the Appointment Panel Member.  A rego form requesteing accommodation requirements will be sent in the New Year

Applications will be called for NI & SI Young Rider Convenors  - these convenors assist the Performance committee delivering training opportunities for Young Riders and can also play a part in developing competition and other initiatives for the next generation of riders  Do you know someone who has a particular interest in this area? How about shoulder tapping them ?


Regional & National Dates for 2016 / 17

Confirmed Dates

Equidays 14/16 October

Bates Nationals & Pacific League World Cup Final  2/5 February 2017

Horse of the Year Show  7/12 March 2017


Applications to Date

Bay of Plenty: 22/23 Oct (Sat/Sun) See note re NCH below

Central Districts  27/30 Oct (Thurs/Sun) See note re below

Wellington @ Solway 12/13 Nov

Gisborne 19/20 Nov

Taihape 17/18 Dec


Notes  - Provisional Dates

WDC 2016 & CDIW

There is a change of WDC format to 5 levels only. 12-15 yrs Elementary and Adults MED,ADV,PSG,INT I (40 riders total)

NZL will choose it’s own date and invite one FEI judge and appoint one national judge. The FEI judge is no longer fully funded by the FEI.

The Australian Champs  are 22/23 October. Discussions are being held re sharing a European FEI  judge with Aus who could come on to NZL after the AUS CH  and judge both the World Challenge and offer another CDIW qualifying event for NZL based GP riders wanting to participate in the Pacific League Final Feb 2017. Dressage Central Districts have offerred  to host the events in conjunction with Dressage NZ 27/30 October. (WDC on 27th. CD Champs & CDIW 28/30).

This is the most cost effective way to offer riders these events and utilise Foreign judging expertise. A stand alone CDIW is not affordable.  

Mystery Creek was considered as an option in conjunction with Waikato Champs but after considerable discussion around venue cost and arena configuration that would be available, it was decided this venue was not a viable option. The date would also preclude a judge/share with AUS.  



Given the possibility of the above plan for the WDC & CDIW, Dressage Bay of Plenty will consider deferring hosting rights to the NICH for a year and this event has been offerred to both Waitemata and Auckland. This will avoid the NICH & CDIW being potentially one week apart

Waitemata  has declined at this point.



As discussed at committee  level, Areas may apply to have  more than one regional event per year

One RE event must be the series show. This must have RE status re classes offered, level of judges required etc and meet all the series sponsor requirements

The second  one must have all levels of classes (No TOC) and the correct level of judges. Musicals may be held, but they will not be Zilco/HOY Qualiifers. This  gives areas the possibility to run RE shows after HOY or between Nats & HOY if they wanted to.

These events could also be qualifiers for the Nat Champs (not Super 5 league) and selectors could use these for squad selection purposes also giving more opprotunities for riders. More judge training could be undertaken also



A LATER THAN USUAL DATE FOR 2016. This has bought both positive and negative feedback as anticipated. Any area who would like to host and organise the YRCH in conjunction with Dressage NZ should contact the Sport Manager with their proposal .


A date application form will be sent shortly. While it may be too early to have dates set for your local events, an indication asap of your preferred RE date/s by return email would  be appreciated


Wishing you all and your families a very happy festive season




Wendy Hamerton

Dressage Sport Manager

Stable of Stallions

Please find attached the 2015 Dressage Stable of Stallions flyer.

Area please distribute these to your members via email, web and social media

We are very fortunate to have such a fabulous stable of supporting studs  - thank you to them all



Judges News

Updated Dress Code

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Some rule changes that will be of interest from Conference.

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Rules Update


Recently there have been a number of queries raised with the Dressage Sports Manager and Rules Officer regarding the use of Tracking Video Cameras (e.g. Soloshot cameras) during competition.

Following a review of the relevant rules it has been determined that these types of cameras, which require the rider to wear a transmitter that communicates back to the video camera, are not permitted inside the competition arena. If the rider (or horse) wears the transmitter inside the competition arena, elimination will result. The same position applies to newly released Smart Watches which have communication capability.

The Tracking Video Camera and Smart Watches can be used in training and during the competitor’s warm up.

The following is a summary of why Tracking Video Cameras and Smart Watches cannot be used in the competition arena at any competition run under Dressage NZ and FEI Rules.

1. The Dressage NZ Rules are silent as to the use of Tracking Video Cameras and Smart Watches.

2. In cases where our Dressage NZ Rules are silent, Dressage NZ looks to the FEI Rules. In the event the FEI Rules cover the issue of concern, that rule will apply.

3. Under article 427 (5) "Earphones and/or other electronic communication devices are strictly prohibited at FEI Dressage Competitions whilst competing, and such usage is penalised by elimination. Earphones or similar devices are however permitted during training and warm-up".

We take this opportunity to remind all interested stakeholders, i.e. competitors, judges, officials and volunteers there will be a Dressage NZ planning forum in April 2015. If you would like to provide feedback or comment on this ruling or any of our present Rules and Regulations, please contact your local Area Delegate, Sports Manager or the Rules Officer.

Contact details can be found at http://www.nzequestrian.org.nz/dressage/about/contact-dressage/

Launch of a Rules and Calendar App for Dressage NZ

QR codes, scanner Apps and URL short-codes are not the usual language of dressage but they are terms that riders, officials and fans will soon become familiar with

Dressage NZ has teamed up with Feilding based Harvey Bell from EventsApps.net to develop an App linked to its Rules and an Events Calendar covering dressage events in NZ run under ESNZ rules.

“We were presented with a vision of what the proposed App could deliver and we loved the concept . We are blown away by the final result and look forward to exploring what other information we can deliver to our competitors, officials, sponsors and fans using this technology.”

Although NZ may be geographically isolated from the European hub of equestrian sport, we can still produce some world class technology using local expertise to support the sport right here in NZ.

One of the significant advantages of the technology track of this App is that it is web based and can be accessed by any computer device (mobile, laptop or PC) with a JavaScript enabled Internet Browser and avoids the need to go to iTunes® and Google Play® or wherever else.

We often hear of quotes for Apps that is off putting for sport organisations, most of whom are running on tight budgets. EventsApps.net has developed a platform for its speciality that offers an affordable

App solution; the source information just needs to be presented in a prescribed MS® Excel® or Word® templated format and from that the App can be created (and hosted). And all the work is undertaken in NZ.

The great thing about this App is Dressage can provide it free to members and fans

To see the Dressage NZ App click on the following: http://qrs.ly/br30vvj


Simply scan the QR (Quick Read) Code below using a QR Code Scanner there you have it - information at your fingertips

QR Code_jpg_Launch.jpgThe App makes available links to the FEI and ESNZ websites,

to key Dressage events for the coming season, to national sponsor websites

and provides contact details for regional and local events listed on the Dressage Calendar

Watch this space for further developments 

Abbreviation Sheet for Dressage Writers

Here is a link to an Abbreviation Sheet for Dressage Writers to help you while writing and maybe get to see more of the riding. Please copy/ print of for your reference.

Abbreviation Sheet

Saturday Mar 23 - Sunday Mar 24