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Southland Trophies

Dressage Southland Trophies

Mitchell Trophy

Presented to Rider 21 years & under with the highest percentage in a graded test – awarded at our Spring Tournament.

2014 - Grace Thomson & Coincidently With Grace

Holyport Trophy

Holyport belonged to Diana Dunn (Diana Meyer) who represented NZ at Horse Trials 3DE in Australia. One of the first NZ horses overseas. In Holyports retirement Diane gave him to Bev McLean (Bennett) who rode him for 2-3 years in Southland. Either Bev or Diana presented the trophy. Around 1967 Bev rode him and the trophy was donated later. Horse/Pony must be owned or regularly ridden by the competitor. Riders under 21yrs. Horse/Pony does not need to be registered – non grading

2016:  Jessie Fraser


Shamus Trophy - Level 4 Points Champion - Donated by Karen Robins

2016 - Fiona Sharp

Wynnis McDonald Chicane Trophy for Level 6/7 Points Champion

2016 - Agnes Irwin

Pony Champion 2016 - Katelin Stuart


Huntlie Trophy

Presented to Ridden Sport horse most suitable for Dressage. The Huntlie trophy was donated in October 2007 by the Cottam family and the name Huntlie is derived from their children’s names (Hunter and Millie). Having an interest in nicely conformed, easy tempered, nice moving and well bred dressage horses it was decided to use this trophy to recognize these attributes without being limited by the horses age or level of experience.

2016:  Heilke De Graaf


Mitchell Trophy

2016:  Hannah Nicol

Sultan Memorial Trophy

Presented to Southland Rider over 21 years with highest percentage in a graded test. This trophy was donated by the late June Fleming in memory of her horse Sultan. Sultan was one of Southland’s first Elementary horses and went on to win many titles including many successes in the show ring. Sultan passed away in 1975.

2014: Helen Boyd & Slyvester MH


Wings Cadet Trophy

Presented to Young Rider 21 years and under with highest percentage in a graded test. This trophy was donated in 2003 by Sharon Finnie (now Muirhead) in memory of Wings Cadet who died suddenly at the age of 25. He and Sharon competed in Side Saddle, Dressage and the Show Ring for 20 years with many successes. Wings Cadet dominated young rider dressage classes in the 80s and early 90s and therefore felt it was appropriate to donate a trophy in his memory to the Young Rider with the highest percentage at the December Championships.

2014: Grace Thomson & Coincidently With Grace


Brenda Ward Trophy

Presented to best music in Level 3 Musical. The Brenda Ward Trophy was donated by Bill Ward in memory of his wife Brenda who started competing her horse Labouisse in 1997.
Brenda and Bill loved sourcing music and applying it to freestyle tests. After Brenda passed away Helen Boyd continued to compete on Labouisse and retired her in Elementary in 2005. The trophy is competed for annually and awarded to the best music of the Elementary musical freestyle test.

2014: Emma Rowe-Pledger & Astraeus


Genius Trophy

Donated by Marlene Parkinson and Fox Family awarded at the Young Dressage Horse Class. We imported Genius a licensed Hanoverian stallion in 1984, previously we were breeding ponies and park hacks. We were wanting to produce a modern warmblood who could produce dressage, showjumpers, eventers and show hack/hunters. Quite a big ask and yes he did produce Advanced eventers, champion show hacks, a number of Grand Prix showjumpers and Grand Prix dressage including Louisa Hill and Gabana who went to Athens Olympics. His mares are well sought after as they seem to cross well with most stallions.

 2015: Kate Dodd & Sir Donata SW

Roxy Trophy

Donated by Margaret Dickie Presented to the winner of the Level 4 musical, this was previously presented at our January tournament but is now done at our Challenge tournament as we no longer have musical tests in January

2014: Lynette Wood & The Gambler 111

Sanoussie Trophy

Donated by Lyn Fox

2014-15  Sonya Swale

2015-2016 Ann McDonald

Musical Freestyle Trophy (Awarded to the highest percentage from a Southland rider in a musical class - Donated by Rachel McCallum

2014: Emma Rowe - Pledger & Astraeus